• State of the art Educational Technology Product along with process framework for success
  • Integrated Collaboration with Students, Teachers, Parents, Mentors & Alumni
  • Empowerment, Engagement, LMS, Skill based Learning, Creativity, Mentoring, and Young Leadership
    • "iPodium = State of the art Educational Technology Product with integrated Collaboration, Empowerment, Engagement, Skill based Learning, Creativity, Mentoring, Learning Management and Young Leadership building Platform."
    Seamlessly connecting all key participants to the Institution
    How iPodium is proven to help the Institution

    Note :

    1. iPodium is not just a tool, but an advanced end to end framework itself to improve overall Brand Positioning, Engagement and Empowerment and thus only available to Educational Institutions with a minimum student volume.

    2. If you are individual student/parent whose Educational institution is yet to be part of iPodium platform, you could still subscribe to iPodium Young Leadership & Global Mentor Channel as we believe every student deserve the right for enhanced Educational tips.

    “Ever wonder how much it costs per year per student ?”
    “Less than a price of a Coffee ”
    “Institutional Volume Discounts Apply. ”
    Further, we conduct advanced Corporate, Educational institutional trainings. Refer our training page for details.


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