Practical Knowledge than Theory. Inflakes Executive, Leadership, Corporate & Young Leadership programs are tailor made to each Industry domain, Geographic Location and respective Organizational Culture.


Inflakes is an end to end management consultancy and technology company. Our practice delivers management development programs as part of our holistic delivery model; although we are not a traditional training company that aspires to occasional consultancy!

We have exceptional professionals who are skilled at presentation, facilitation and organizational/team/individual analysis, understand industry challenges and has the passion and depth of knowledge to unlock secrets for peak performance. They bring these skills to bear in ensuring that for any given learning group, the course material is pitched at a level and a pace that brings about the most change across the whole group.

There are times the authority of a practicing consultant, (rather than a theoretical trainer) is needed to convince a cynical (and often battle-hardened) delegate that the training material has a worthwhile application in the real world. We are able to relate our own experiences in the area, and to adapt the learning points to the delegate, which is not an attribute that can be gained without consulting/working in that area. .

We offer Training programs in the following areas:

We can state with confidence that we have the capability to design and deliver to our customer's requirement on any of the above subject areas, because most of the subject matter is currently delivered to our other clients or is 'off the shelf' having been delivered to other clients in the past.

Our Approach to Tailoring the Training Courses

We already have a large body of material that can be either provided 'off the shelf' or, probably more usefully, tailored to meet your commercial priorities. We prefer to tailor our development programs wherever we can, as there is a clear correlation in our view between providing delegates with exactly what they want, and their enthusiasm to apply it to their work.

Tailoring our material is often less about what theoretical subject matter is covered or omitted, and more about the tailoring of individual exercises, syndicate work and the focus of how we match the material to the workshop objectives.

For instance, delivering a workshop on Fundamental of Project Management would look very different depending on whether we were providing an appreciation for all staff, developing actual strategies with project managers, or running action learning sets to help imbue strategic thoughts and actions to senior project manager. The generic content would be similar, while the application of the material would be very different in process, focus and intended outcome.

Our approach to Prioritisation of Training

The diagram above shows how value for money in training could be best be realized, by identifying those staff best able to exploit the most useful learning content. We will determine what the 'priority cube' might contain after undertaking a Training Needs Analysis for the course after discussions with your senior staff.

We also create a degree of elasticity in our workshop content, so that the material can be adapted according to the seniority, skills and experience of the group. This in part will allow us to respond to your changing priorities.

Another approach to providing a rapid response to urgent needs would be to provide individual coaching and mentoring following the professional training delivery.

Other innovative methods of support to keep staff updated on new developments in the subject area could include use of bulletin boards, surgery sessions to address specific issues and how they relate to the commercial function, or delivery of a one-off conference style event at your locations.

Our Facilitation Style

We encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own learning, so our style is facilitative and involving with a focus on experiential learning that reflects the reality of participants' responsibilities and challenges. We often use real life examples to help bring a high degree of relevance and reality to practical role-play scenarios, which test and develop participants' skills and confidence. Staff development that aims to effect significant behavioral change demands highly skilled facilitators, able to surface and address issues as they emerge and who can provide strong challenge and support as required by individuals. Our consultants also recognize their responsibility to be inspiring role models of the type to which your company aspires.

The key elements of our style are illustrated below.